Petrochina daqing oilfield pilot reform to expand business autonomy increased energy efficiency

Business momentum from the "jiang, trapped, kui" once to energetic, cadre staff from the past ", rely on, such as "to the energy. Recently, the daqing oilfield originally small line unit change after a few times fetching attention, they have a common name - expand autonomy pilot unit.

Daqing oilfield autonomy in operation of the push to expand the pilot reform for more than a year, as a pilot assessment of four business units to achieve profits of 46 million yuan, year-on-year growth rate of 140%; Two hospitals compared to reduce subsidies of 84.17 million yuan.

For long chain and large volume of daqing oil field, the meaning of this set of data, is not just about economic achievements, more important is to deepen the reform on the beneficial exploration, control mode of bold to break the ice. Their own risks, financial self-sufficiency, pilot unit, self-discipline, self-development, marketization development capacity significantly increased, pilot played an exemplary role.

"Test", "camp" to benefit. Expand the autonomy of pilot, why could give birth to such a big change?

Decentralization loosening, by jiang to live -- cadres can can, can pay increase can decreases

Operating on the recession, and the effect on didn't look forward, not bottom spirit, work is the common dilemma of pilot unit once. Cadre staff also mixed in the heart: "I was in a hurry, also make don't want to" "such good state when it's time to...

Survival must change. Expand the autonomy of pilot, bring them to break through.

Daqing oilfield company has the autonomy in operation of the implementation of expanding pilot guidance ", all of pilot unit for implementation efficiency, and transferring multiple which restrict the development of the enterprise management. Pilot unit can autonomous appointing cadres, autonomous employment, independent setting compensation, on the premise of compliance in accordance with the law, can also be independent for examination and approval of procurement, investment, contract.

Mother-in-law decentralization loosening, daughter-in-law take charge capacity.

The traditional media advertising business industry downturn, bring cultural group will click company of daqing oil field is painful for 3 consecutive years of losses. As the first pilot unit for daqing oil field, click the company forcefully made a turnaround: 2016 operating income of 70.35 million yuan, an increase of 39% over the previous year. Implement the inspection profit is 7.82 million yuan, turning around 7.94 million yuan over the previous year.

Click on companies in management organization first thin body, the original organ leaving the office and business office, function changed from "command" to service, eight other gen department project scheme and operation management mode, to face the market, independent accounting, prize for incurring losses.

Reform, click the company cadres post all original reset, the project department manager hired geared to the needs of all employees, as long as by a vote of confidence and create the effect index of comprehensive evaluation, it is qualified as manager. Project manager term is one year, conclude a contract for the business performance, and efficiency indicators can not be completed if that year, have to dismount. The cadre competition can not only can the employees have also adopted double selection, can into the can. The overall working efficiency, can pay increase can decreases.

According to the market direction, reconstruction of highly efficient management structure, is a pilot unit happen to coincide choice.

Daqing oilfield kunlun group coating co., LTD., after the expansion, the organ 5 departments into 4, middle-level cadres by 23 people down to 18 people. Institutional reforms and to create positions after complement, 29 employees into production line. Improve the hard and contribute the bonus coefficient of big jobs, frontline employee bonus coefficient is higher than office staff 30%, higher than 50% after line service personnel. Last year, the management fees fell 14% over the previous year, the authors increase 1.31 million yuan.

Reform development, has to meet the test. One of reform the difficulty is how to do their jobs.

Before the reform, click the company party group discussion with employees using 3 days time, analysis of the situation, a staff meeting and for two consecutive days, the answer. Making a success of the project manager, occupy half after 80, added vigor for market development. But with "old" auxiliary "new" also brought ideological swings, click the company leadership talk to find old comrades in time, to promote the experience of old and new combination, complement each other.

Reduce management layers, fair and reasonable compensation distribution, inspired and work enthusiasm, employee once but no, instead, "now work have look forward".

Process simplified, being more suitable, dare not dare to pick up the pick up order, did not dare to cross the aggressive market

Ice, the original paint is broken by active transmission management.

Filed in daqing oil field business group, huayi electrical engineering automation co., LTD., also calculate a minor celebrity in the industry. Theory of technical strength and scale of production, the company is the northeast region and petroleum system in the production of high and low voltage electrical products and automation products, one of the important production base of evaluation for class a supplier group company. Company successively developed 35 kv switchgear, skid of 35 kv substation, power saving protector and so on the many kinds of new products, has passed the certification of national high-tech enterprise.

But huayi electrical have their own "distress". In recent years, the company has been committed to go out, but the original examination and approval procedure complex, raw material supply cycle is long, often lead to can't time the arrival of the goods in accordance with the plan, let outside market without the bottom spirit.

Expand the autonomy pilot reform of the "attractive", lies in the reduction of market main body status, to the market management unit "loosening". Huayi electric company volunteered, join the pilot.

"After the expansion, our cost control ability, reaction speed, delivery time compared with the external enterprise doesn't vary much, nothing to rival. And also can open our hands and feet on scientific research and development." Huayi electric company manager FuJingXin said.

The most obvious effect, is the delivery time significantly shortened, user satisfaction, increase market share. Material purchasing power, the contract approval and some of the money payment right delegated to huayi electric co., raw materials procurement cycles from 30 days to 15 days, the delivery date is changed from 45 days to 30 days, originally did not dare to dare to pick up the pick up order, originally did not dare to cross market aggressive, avoid the embarrassment of losing market due to low operational efficiency.

Market development from the "alley" into "fast track", huayi electric company in 2016 sales income 226 million yuan, an increase of 22.2% over the previous year. Implement the inspection profit is 19.07 million yuan, an increase of 55.5% over the previous year, are at an all-time high. At present, the company to track the external target market nearly 200 million yuan, the project is expected to external market in 2017 sales revenue of 40 million yuan of above.

In click, and decentralization, process optimization, let the office, from "soft" leg to "floor". Such as single 300000 yuan by the original examination and approval of using the capital link within seven reduced to 4; Contract review to simplify the professional examination and economic review, the group level emergency signed on the day of contract implementation. The procurement cycle reduced from 2 months to six months to the arrival of the goods during the month, equipment procurement cycle reduced from 1 year to 3 years to independent purchase in time according to the requirements. Purchase equipment company self-raised 36 sets of 1.15 million yuan last year, new effect of more than 480 ten thousand yuan.

System of a gate open, reform spring breeze lifted.

Expand the autonomy of operation before the pilot run, kunlun group coating co., LTD., product technology level in 10 years ago, let they reared its head. After the pilot operation, oilfield level allows technical support and approval of cooperation, they borrow brain RongZhi, and Han Guona road group cooperation, developed with the domestic advanced technology level of monocomponent and bicomponent acrylic water-based paint, environmental protection has been mass production, realize the transformation of technological achievements benefit. The core technology of ascension, marketization development laid a solid foundation for the enterprise.

Daqing oil field general hospital and longnan hospital actively carry out foreign cooperation, aimed at large market potential, economic benefits of good medical treatment project, include the joint venture cooperation, the introduction of advanced medical technology, to achieve both income and efficiency, and bring patients "out of daqing, the famous doctor sees a doctor".

People live live enterprises, the energy - people or those people, all enterprises face

"Qi" word apart, it is "people industry shortage". Expand the autonomy to break the bondage of the systems and mechanisms, the staff thought lived, as the initiative, and energy.

Cadres in click company competition, is the most passionate middle-aged XieYongWen, people called him "to relieve himself. He reported the effect of index is about three times of the index of the previous year, a lot of people think it can't be done, but he said: "I am not rely on indicators for a position, but look at the printing shop fading, I have been working in a hurry! Unwilling!"

Faced with a customer, he said: "even if only 10 yuan, I will not give up!" A year come down, "to relieve" with the printing projects department to develop oil fields in the internal market, breakthrough won the external market business, the year exceeded 16.52 million yuan target.

Pay according to performance contribution distribution, click the company 2016 annual "account", operating performance bonus of up to 18000 yuan, the lowest get hundreds of yuan only. The best printing market development projects department manager to get 160000 yuan, while outdoor projects department manager only 14000 yuan. To get the highest award "to relieve", click said, his contribution, his pay, we serve!

Reform, the most profound changes in people, the most fundamental benefits to people, the most powerful motivation comes from people.

For pilot unit, or those people, business scope also does not have too big change, but the enterprise overall look brand-new. Such as living at home, went out to run more of the market, such as the distribution of task is less people, working with people.

"Unit salary with benefits, personal income by contribution", daqing oilfield technical supervision center according to the nature of the business, and work ability and contribution, delimit the monthly production of floating prize coefficient, annual performance according to the cash benefits to examine the completion. Employees work enthusiasm greatly mobilize, further enhance the vitality and market competitiveness. , technical supervision center operating revenue last year and the profit growth of 24.9% and 24.9% respectively over the previous year, at an all-time high. Pressure test chamber and the center control meter calibration room for, more than one million yuan per capita income of xi 'an bidding company firmly occupy the northwest bidding market, income reached 50 million yuan.

Adhere to in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules, the top design, as well as the combination of the pipes, we will actively yet prudently, expand the autonomy of operation of daqing oilfield pilot reform will explore formation, reproducible control mode which can be promoted. This year, will expand the pilot reform "city" : enlarge scope, every one market operational units should be selected at least one subordinate unit to carry out the pilot; Expanding scale, on the basis of existing to add at least 1 to 2 major secondary units to pilot; Expansion of power, according to the direction of the transition to a "WuZi" management, further expansion of power, a greater degree to stimulate business activity.

The wind blows, the wrinkle of water. For longer and wider space, the impact of the autonomy in operation of the daqing oil field to expand the pilot reform will also deep fermentation.

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