ShenChangYou, according to the transformation of resource

based cities "oil and failure", should actively cultivate emerging industries. At the same time, to further accelerate the speed of traffic development, and promote the fiscal and taxation system reform.

Avoid "oil city" advice and dongying to intensify efforts to the transformation of resources city

In order to avoid the "oil city", ShenChangYou suggested intensify efforts to promote the transformation of resources city. In 2013 the state council issued "the national resources city sustainable development planning", dongying as mature resources city. Suggest that countries start the resources city sustainable development pilot, the dongying city listed in the first pilot city, support first try in terms of innovation and transformation and upgrading.

ShenChangYou, according to the transformation of resource-dependent cities, is the central and provincial always attaches great importance to the issue. Dongying as petroleum resources city, under the impact of the international oil prices remain low, urban transformation and economic upgrading of double more urgent and arduous task, "we keep concentration, continuous force, precise, significant progress has been made in development transformation". ShenChangYou advantage industry, from the local economic strength, the rise of backbone enterprises, breakthrough the development situation of four aspects, introduces the advantages of dongying.

Dongying to improve local economic strength. In 2016, dongying GDP reached 347.966 billion yuan, up 7% from a year earlier. Public finance income of 22.187 billion yuan, the main economic indicators of growth better than similar petroleum resources city, the local economy increased to 89.3% of the total economy of the whole city. Dongying focus to build a batch of advantage leading industries. Is the key for the transformation of resources city industry transformation, the dongying and 70% of 70% of GDP, 70% of industry revenue from oil. After years of effort, the dongying cultivating the petrochemical and salt chemical industry, rubber tires and auto parts, non-ferrous metals, oil equipment four big industrial cluster.

ShenChangYou gives such a group of data: dongying oil refining capacity of 69 million tons, is one of the largest cities as the national refining capacity; Meridian tyre production capacity 168 million, accounting for a quarter of the whole nation; Oil equipment manufacturing industry output value 67.88 billion yuan, accounting for one-third of the country; More than 80% of the country's leading industry technical equipment to reach the domestic advanced level, 30% of the technology and equipment has reached the international advanced level, the proportion of high and new technology industrial output value of industrial output reached 35.47%. Rectification of dongying in chemical industry, about 679 chemical production enterprises to complete the "three rating evaluation" (safety ratings, environmental rating, energy efficiency rating, comprehensive evaluation), included in the "poor" and so on, 175 companies have shut down. On the rubber tire industry, dongying forge independent brands, enhance core competitiveness, 7 75 global tire of the tire companies.

In addition, dongying, cultivating a batch of backbone enterprises. Among them, 32 enterprises sales income over ten billion yuan, 13 companies shortlisted for the top 500 enterprises in China, 17 enterprises into the competition, China's top 500 private enterprises qualified for both the first in the province.

ShenChangYou said the rise of dongying formation in the breakthrough development momentum. Dongying development foundation, has the development space, a condition into a new economic growth pole in the circum bohai sea region. Dongying with unused 400 more than 400 acres, is the most eastern coastal reserve land resources, development potential of the largest area. Dongying economic and technological development zone, agricultural high-tech zone, dongying Yellow River delta three national platform and comprehensive free trade zone 7 provincial economic development zone (hi-tech zone). Especially the Yellow River delta agricultural high-tech zone, is the second after shaanxi yangling national agricultural high-tech zone, the construction of the provincial party committee, the provincial government set up the high standard the steering committee and strong leadership, high start all work. Agricultural science and technology in eco-city in China and Israel government cooperation project between the two countries, and the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences', formed the modern agricultural research institute, China agricultural university implemented a pilot incubators, deep processing of agricultural products alkali-saline land use technology innovation center, etc. Dongying is perfect innovation platform and the implementation of high-end projects, build "silicon valley" agriculture.

Promote development strategic position Suggestions to speed up the east coast high-speed rail construction

Dongying port "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" built one hundred million tons port, to the regional center victory airport terminal goal, as coastal high-speed, beijing-shanghai high-speed channel 2 important node in the city have been incorporated into the national railway network planning, will build modern three-dimensional traffic system, enhance development strategic position.

"National medium and long-term railway network planning (2016-2025)," planning "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed corridors, the coastal and the beijing-shanghai two channels, can alleviate the pressure of the existing beijing-shanghai Gao Tieyun can nervous, through high-speed 'dead end highway along the coast of China, the formation of the coastal high-speed corridors, closely beijing-tianjin-hebei, shandong peninsula, Yangtze river delta economic zone." ShenChangYou said railway corporation has the overlap of tianjin - dongying - weifang period of high-speed rail into "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning". National support, advised to start construction as soon as possible.

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