Oil spoiler power in the market Daqing oilfield sell electricity company just short of a licence

Electric power business license until 2015 only to the distributed power generation companies, power companies. But with the development of electric power system reform, the qualified market main body also is able to equal open sell electricity business.

Recently, petrochina revealed that, in the second half of 2016 the establishment of the first sell electricity company, daqing oilfield sell electricity co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "daqing sell electricity company") in the electric power business license, is expected to reduce electricity expenses 130 million yuan.

On February 15, the oil part in response to "China business news" reporter, said in an interview with daqing sell electricity power company business details of CNPC does not grasp, so currently no response.

However, reporters learned through power grid company, daqing sell electricity supply company currently years up to 15 billion KWH, 1/5 of the electricity consumption in heilongjiang province, the annual power generation capacity of 8.6 billion KWH, owns the country's biggest corporate power grid and the self-provided power plant of petrochina's biggest companies.

To this, a grid executives believe, in a large enterprise in the process of industry layout, follow self-provided power plant construction, but subject to constraints "power supply license", has been at the edge of the legalization of power supply, as sell electricity side open, the self-provided power plant will share sell electricity market with the aid of a particular user of the cake.

Daqing oilfield to sell electricity?

In the several opinions on further deepening the reform of electric power system by the state council in the clear open to the social capital to the sale of electricity, sell electricity companies springing up in China.

Founded in January 2016, daqing oilfield electric power group sell electricity company working groups, and in July in the same year won the national energy administration northeast area the first issued by the regulatory authority in northeast power grid enterprise outside of the electric power business licenses, but for the defined power supply area.

Whereby oil in August 18, 2016, formally approved agreed to sell electricity company established in daqing oil field. The end of the same year, the national development and reform commission formally approved the daqing oilfield increment distribution network become one of the first batch of 105 national pilot project, approved by the price administration in heilongjiang province, daqing oil field power purchase enjoy the wholesale price sell electricity company.

The reporter learns from insiders in oil, the oil in daqing oilfield as first one big oilfield, in order to coordinate production self-built self-provided power plant, set up specialized electric power company at the same time. The company in addition to providing power supply services for the mining petroleum and petrochemical production, also part of the city industry and commerce and providing services of resident power consumption.

That is before sell electricity side open, daqing oil field in power generation, power distribution network, and the end user have is ready, only lack a sell electricity licence.

As accelerate the reform of electric power system, electricity sales, daqing oil field can solve the problem of license plates, got the electric power business licenses, which makes the depth to participate in the electric power market transaction, at the same time can also be in the same area into competition with power grid enterprise, to lower prices, thus reduce oil electricity costs.

In fact, similar to the daqing oil field there are both self-provided power plant and power distribution network, as well as stable and user enterprise is not in the minority. In the second half of 2016, sinopec with petrochina, sinopec has also been made in hydropower station of henan oilfield first electric power business license within the system. Public information, hydroelectric power station of henan oilfield is mainly to undertake production of henan oilfield construction and hydroelectric power production and construction tasks of life.

According to the reporter, this type of enterprise, except in the oil system also exist in the iron and steel, coal, aluminum and other industries, most of these companies also belong to the state. So, do all for sell electricity enterprises can share the cake to sell electricity side open?

According to the China petroleum (8.350, 0.00, 0.00%) newspaper reported that in 2016, sichuan petroleum administration bureau and state grid sichuan province electric power company to sign the transfer of power separation framework agreement, as a resident power supply business cooperation intention is handed over to the oil and gas fields, and handed over to the work will be completed in 2017.

Apart from petrochina, the reporter also learned that the nuclear chienchung nuclear fuel components co., LTD. At the end of 2016 and with its power companies in sichuan province yibin electric power supply company signed a "jinjiang garden functional separation power over framework agreement, such as more than a framework agreement, will be handed over to the its electric power business.

Why sell electricity conditions are the same, some can sell electricity licence, others need to be transferred to the power grid company? To this, a soe executives told reporters that stripping "three for the thing" as an important part in the reform of state-owned enterprises, and have made it clear that, by 2019 state-owned enterprises will not in any way for the worker families power supply, water supply, heating and property management bear the relevant expenses. So even if the self-provided power plant, the distribution network, the user, if there is no advantage, so eventually will be stripped. Therefore, daqing can sell electricity company as a model to be copied, but also because of the specific circumstances of the enterprise.

Legalization of self-provided power plant ""

For daqing oil field has the nation's largest power grid enterprises and self-provided power plant of petrochina's biggest companies, so after sell electricity side open, appear very confident, and to sell electricity licence smoothly. That is to say, want to sell electricity licence, in addition to have a distribution network, self-provided power plant is also important factor.

In 2014, according to public information, the self-provided power plant of the installed capacity of more than 110 million kw, about 8% of the national total power generation capacity. Self-provided power plant are mainly concentrated in the iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum, petroleum chemical industry, cement and other energy-intensive industries, mainly distributed in resources enrichment area and part of the economy more developed regions. The unit type is given priority to with coal-fired units, coal self-provided unit accounted for more than 70%.

Although the self-provided power plant in the enterprise cost control has a great advantage, but its construction operations also exist many problems, such as batch build, excessive energy consumption, low operation management level, poor reliability; Participate in power grid peak shaving enthusiasm is not high, social responsibility is not enough, and so on.

In addition, because the self-provided power plant of the examination and approval of trouble, so some enterprises simply built before shipment. Northwest of a head of iron and steel enterprise was admitted to the reporter, "but that more than 1000 cubic meters of blast furnace steel, 100% are self-provided power plant, according to the calculation, only the steel industry should bring along their own electricity supply, is a astronomical."

In view of this, at the end of 2015, the national development and reform commission, the national energy administration official release six big power system reform supporting documents. File specified, beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta and pearl river delta region to ban new coal self-provided power plant; Installed at the same time, the apparent redundancy, low thermal power utilization hours area, divided by the heat setting electricity co-generation project, in principle is no longer new building self-provided power plant project (enlarge). At the same time, it also requires, have the self-provided power plant of interconnection of enterprises should be negotiated with power grid enterprises spare capacity, and according to the prescribed spare capacity to the power grid enterprises pay system standby fee. The self-provided power plant of this is considered a lack of have to the power grid enterprises will sell electricity licence.

The self-provided power plant of today, because of the lack of selling electricity licence embarrassing situation will be forced out along with the advancement of reform of electricity sales and change. Many flawed self-provided power plant will have the opportunity of a "legal".

In addition, there are some companies can even use electricity sales reform transition save his life. The steel mills, said an official with the self-provided power plant as an energy a means to reduce costs. In energy-intensive industries, are proving to survive mostly have self-provided power plant of the enterprise. But as these energy-intensive industry overcapacity serious, enterprise management is also increasingly difficult. If you can sell electricity ride side spring breeze of reform, scored sell electricity licence, perhaps can realize transition save his life.

In fact, the establishment of daqing sell electricity company has also been considered self-help is a kind of transformation. Affected by low oil prices, is facing a reduction and loss of daqing oil field, etc. Its 2015 revenue of 155.3 billion yuan, profit of 10.2 billion yuan, tax 35.8 billion yuan. From 2014, respectively, to reduce 100.2 billion yuan, 54.2 billion yuan, 53 billion yuan. 2016 years ago, two months, falling oil prices, loss of daqing oilfield has amounted to more than 50, one hundred million yuan. In addition, in 2015, daqing oilfield for the first time the implementation of production, oil production scale down to 2020, 32 million tons, annual output of about 1.14 million tons.

In production, and low oil prices under pressure, daqing oil field with the aid of company sell electricity supply 15 billion KWH, 1/5 of the electricity consumption in heilongjiang province, annual power generation capacity of 8.6 billion KWH, might be able to save themselves out of a transformation.


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